86' High Cubes working Flint, '70s and '80s

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86' High Cubes working Flint, '70s and '80s

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Posted by NILE on 12/6/2020, 2:39 pm
Tangent Model Trains just released more 86' High Cube Box Cars in HO scale, and they look great. I was trying to remember what road names were common in the Flint area. I was a young kid back then and all I recall are GTW, Chessie, DTI, and an occasional ICG. I think I remember UP as well, but like I said I was young then. Did western roads or southern roads 86' High Cubes come into Flint? I would think they would, unless all the high cube traffic was regional. If that were the case, then you might not see high cubes from WP in Flint. Does anyone recall what could have been seen in Flint back then?
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I recall the cool Southern Pacific box cars appearing in Flint often
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