Padnos Boxcar Wall

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Padnos Boxcar Wall

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Anybody have any knowledge on the history of the boxcars used at the Holland Padnos yard as fencing? They are presently dark green and appear to be rather aged. Best visible on Google maps at the W 6th ST dead end.

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Re: Padnos Boxcar Wall

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the one car was an automobile boxcar. offset double door with the offset different on other side.
bing aerial shows other side kind of.

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Re: Padnos Boxcar Wall

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I have wondered this as well! In addition to 6th street, you can see them between the buildings just south of the Dock Track crossing and north of 6th street, where I shot this photo from this morning. There wasn’t time to inspect them more carefully. Both appear to have had overhead roofwalks, dating them to the 1960s or, likely, a few decades before.


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Re: Padnos Boxcar Wall

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Not padnos, but old C&O boxcars are used as fences at the junk car place at the end of Freeman street near CSX Wyoming Yard

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Re: Padnos Boxcar Wall

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Best way to find out their history is to check inside. Having been a former employee of Padnos I know the doors have been open during my tours of the yard but I never went inside. Reporting marks could be present inside the cars still
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