LSRC Gaylord Lumber Transload

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LSRC Gaylord Lumber Transload

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From the other board (the thread started as a video from atrain but segued into the lumber transload in Gaylord) ... 57967.html
Re: LSRC Z127 and an FRA Train 6-10-21

Posted by Tom Train on 6/11/2021, 8:32 pm, in reply to "Re: LSRC Z127 and an FRA Train 6-10-21 "
The first center-beam is a Potlatch load and the second and third probably are also. Potlatch from Gwinn loads out of Gaylord, usually shipping three or four cars per week minimum.
Gwinn is near the old Sawyer AFB. Potlatch has a large operation there which includes loading center beams with lumber. Why would they truck to Gaylord and reload railcars there?
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Re: LSRC Gaylord Lumber Transload

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I don't know. but it must have to do with either rates or delivery time. Last I knew the lumber was going to Virginia,if memory serves.

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Re: LSRC Gaylord Lumber Transload

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I believe Potlatch Gwinn gets about 30% of their logs from Northern lower Michigan. That may make lumber transfers to Gaylord as backhauls more cost effective.

If the lumber is destined for the eastern US. Shipping by rail from Gaylord may save a week versus shipping from Gwinn. The shipments may also give Potlatch some leverage in dealing with CN.

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