Brinco to cast bolsters in Bristol

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Brinco to cast bolsters in Bristol

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This was posted on the forums in November and I thought it would be worth sharing here since it relates to rail at components and is adjacent to the Grand Elk east of Bristol:

A startup metal casting company has scaled back plans as it moves into an unused Bristol plant, but still intends to hire close to 300 workers.

The Bristol Indiana Corp., doing business as Brinco, bought the former Chassix facility at 51650 C.R. 133 in Bristol and at mp 13 on the Grand Elk Railroad at this time there is no rail service but I could see this changing to either bring in scrap or to ship out finished bolsters.

Bolsters are the outward part of the frame of a set of trucks. Each car will sit on approximately 7000 lbs of poured steel.

This project started in 2019 and took a facility (Chassix) that had cast aluminum suspension parts for cars and trucks, this facility had sat empty for the last 6-7 years and a complete renovation has been underway turning this facility into a foundry that will pour steel into sand molds to produce side frames and the bolster for railcars.

They are trying to do some sample pours this year and going into the production mode sometime in 2021. They have positions posted online right now so the work must still be moving forward.

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