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Green Bay Northern

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Green Bay Northern (GBN - part of the Escanaba & Lake Superior family) started service 2014 in WI/MI's UP on the following lines ex-E&LS / nee MILW lines:
- Green Bay (Howard) to Channing (112 miles)
- Channing to Republic (22 miles)
- Channing to Rockland (80 miles)
- Stiles Jct. - Oconto Falls (13 miles)
- Groveland Branch (3 miles)

Engines include:
500, 501 SD40-2 Ex-GATX / EMDX / SOO / Nee-MILW
502 SD40-2 Ex-1344, ILSX 1344, SLRG 202, ILSX 202, Nee-UP 3693
503 SD40-2 Ex-1338, ILSX 1338, BN 7303, BN 6964, Nee-GTW 5915, (rebuilt to -2 by BN)
As the 500's come up for mechanical issues they will be rebuilt to SD38-2 standards.
GP38's are used as needed from the E&LS roster pool

Engine houses at Channing and Howard

Primary customers are:
- Numerous wood pulp loading locations averaging a combined 60-90 cars per week (25-40 are loaded on line in WI and are delivered to L-P in Sagola)
- Michigan Wood Pellet (60-80 outbound cars per week) in Republic destined for the former coal dock in Escanaba
- Louisiana Pacific in Sagola (inbound pulp wood logs (25-40 per week from on-line locations mostly in WI) and resin (2-3 cars per week) and outbound particle board 3-6 cars per weekday)
- Expera Paper operates a wood chipping plant at McConnel Landing (south of Pembine) and loads 35-50 cars per week destined for their plants west of Green Bay on the CN
Other commodities handled: canned vegetables (Oconto Falls), cement (north of Channing at Floodwood), fertilizer (Coleman & Oconto Falls), grain (Oconto Falls), lumber (Howard), paint ore (Sidnaw), plastic pellets (Howard), propane (Crivitz), scrap metal (East Kingsford) and tailings (Groveland).

Operations will consist of:
- Day crews work out of Green Bay (Howard) and Channing. Typically they work until they meet usually between Crivitz and Pembine
- A night crew dog catches the day crews train if they die on hours (ex. on the weekly trip to Oconto Falls or the weekly trip between Channing and Rockland which takes two days). They also operate the first trick of the wood pellet train (see below).
- A weekly job goes on duty late Saturday and runs from Channing to Republic (setting out 3-15 cement loads at Floodwood) to pick up 60-80 loads of wood pellets, takes it to Pembine, runs around its train and uses it's once-a-week Sunday morning trackage rights on CN to deliver the cars to the now-unused CN Escanaba ore yard. It exchanges loads for empties and hustles back to Pembine, runs around its train and delivers the empties to Republic for loading, then runs light engine back to Channing (picking up cement empties at Floodwood). It takes two crews 20-22 hours to complete the round trip. The wood pellet cars are spotted at the old coal dock at the south end of the yard by an E&LS crew and unloaded. The wood pellets are trucked to a power plant in Wells that converted from coal to wood pellets. After they are empty they are staged in the ore yard for next Sunday's wood pellet train.
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