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Pontiac Beltline

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Pontiac Beltline (PONB) Acquired 2018 from CN

There are three segments. The first starts at Johnson Yard Wye at north end of Pontiac Yard and extends 2.6 miles to Walton Jct. The other is the old PolyAnn and starts at Montcalm Ave. extends through Walton Jct. to Eames (Orion Branch Jct.) 4.9 miles. The third starts at Orion Branch Jct. (Eames) and eventually wraps around the GM Orion Assembly for 3 miles.

Uses an ex-GTW SW1200RS 1512-1519 series, ex-GTW GP18 4700 series and two ex-CN GP40-2's (one is an ex-GTW in the 6421-6425 series nee DT&I 421-425 and the other is a wide nose CN late model). When GM Orion Assembly begins the SW1200RS and GP18 will probably be replaced with a pair of MP15's and add some version of a GP38-2.

Interchanges with CN in Pontiac

Operations is daily including often weekends

Engine house in Orion Yard

Current operations is a job on day and afternoon shift, Monday-Friday and one crew on day shift Saturday. When GM Orion begins in 2022 most likely a swing shift (late morning until later afternoon) and/or midnight job will be added.

Original three customers (and carload increases since taking over):
Bolyard Lumber Transload - Received 35-50 cars annually (by 2019 doubled carloads)
GM Pontiac Stamping - Shipped 3-5 cars per week of stampings (by 2019 increased carloads to 6-9 per week)
Ferrous Processing & Trading (former Sam Allen Scrap by which it is often still referred) - Shipped 8-12 cars per week of scrap metal (by 2019 increased carloads to 10-15 per week)

New Customers
Aggregate Dealer: Established in 2020 in Orion Yard receives 70-110 cars per week during busy season, half that when slow and nothing during the winter. Stone comes from a pit on HESR in Wallace (west of Pigeon). Use trackage rights on CN from Pontiac to Durand to interchange with HESR (That's why the GP40-2's were acquired because they have proper signaling equipment to operate on CN). Service is three round trips during busy season, two when slower and nothing during winter.

Green For Life: Consolidated its scrap paper operation in 2021 to an old GM building east of Walton Jct. on the original Beltline ROW. Upgraded track one mile east of Walton Jct. Switched twice a day Monday-Friday and often on Saturdays. Averages 80-110 loaded box cars a week.

GM Orion Assembly will begin building electric pick up trucks in 2022. Anticipating 28-35 loaded vehicle racks per weekday the first year and also about 25 cars a week of frames and another 30-40 cars a week of other truck components. First years service will consist of one switch in the morning to deliver inbound frames/parts and pull empties and one switch late in afternoon to pull loaded vehicle racks and spot empties. The inbound frame/parts tracks will be rebuilt and renovated for inbound traffic because it hasn't been used in 15+ years. Inbound tracks operate with loads spotted on north side of building and empties pulled from the south side. Tracks go completely through the building. The loading dock tracks are still in good condition and can load up to 40 rail cars at a time. Although the plant uses natural gas they will stock pile 200 carloads a year of coal for emergencies/peak usage power. Coal will arrive in 25 car blocks as needed.

Powers Dist. is a beer distributor east of Orion Yard. They haven't received beer since 2006 and their spur is removed. Due to the great service they see being provided to other customers and CN's reputation as one of the more reliable Class 1's we are discussing them resuming rail service. First years traffic could be around 300-400 cars and could increase to 600.
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