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Grand Rapids Southeastern

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Grand Rapids Southeastern (GRSE) started service in 1984 on the ex-KBEC/PENN/MC/???? from 44th Street in Grand Rapids to Vermontville (41 miles). In 1999 they acquired the line from 44th Street to Burton Jct. (4 miles). Interchanges are with CSX (via trackage rights in Wyoming Yard) and GDLK in Grand Rapids Burton Yard.

Engine Roster History:
- Started out in 1984 with a pair of ex-MIGN/TP&W GP-7's
- Retired both GP-7's and around 2000 and acquired an ex-CR SD38 and an ex-CR GP38. Units rebuilt to -3 standards.

Engine house is in Hastings

Customer History:
- Initially serviced handful of customers including Green Valley Agricultural in Caledonia (inbound fertilizer and outbound grain small shipper), Caledonia Farmers Elevator (inbound feed and fertilizer and outbound grain small shipper), Bradford White in Middleville (outbound water heaters), Hastings Iron and Metal (outbound scrap) and Citizens in Vermontville (inbound fertilizer and outbound grain. There were a handful of other small customers.

Current Customer List:
- Keebler Bakery in Wyoming is an original customer from the 1999 acquisition and receives 11-15 car loads a week of flour, salt and sugar.
- L&W (formerly other names including Great Lakes Gypsum Products) in Wyoming resumed service after many years in 2018 and receives 1-3 cars a month of drywall.
- Beta Plastics in Kentwood started service in 2000 and receives 2 cars of plastic pellets about once a month.
- Caledonia Farmers Elevator is an original customer but has grown substantially over the years. They receive fertilizer (25-30 cars annually), feed (2-3 cars a week) and ship out 1,100-1,400 cars a year in small car lots up to 90 car units.
- Green Valley Agricultural closed their downtown elevator by 1990 but in 2015 opened a large fertilizer terminal southeast of town with a loop track (shared with CFE new grain bins). They receive up to 400 cars a year of pot ash in 80 car units and up to 300 cars a year of liquid nitrogen in 60 car units.
- Flexflab west of Hastings opened in 2000 and receives 2-3 tank cars per week.
- Citizens in Vermontville is an original customer but has grown substantially over the years. They receive fertilizer (60-80 cars annually of mostly liquid nitrogen) and ship out 1,150-1,550 cars a year of grain in small car lots up to 90 car units.

Operations consists of the crew going on duty M-F at 7am and running where ever needed. Keebler is serviced three days per week and the rest of the line 1-3 days a week.
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