The Framingham & Lowell Railroad

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The Framingham & Lowell Railroad

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NOTE: This is not my railroad this railroad is owned by my friend Dan Woodman.

The Framingham & Lowell Railroad (Reporting marks F&L) is a class 3 railroad that is located in the state of Massachusetts and has an interesting start for its creation. in the mid to late 1970s Conrail was about to Sell a rail line From its name sake cities. The F&L was created from a factory corporation and serviced the line. The railroad also servers Wayland, Carlisle, and other parts of Massachusetts. It also interchanges with the B&M, CR (later CSX), and the MOXX Railway. The railroad had various old power. like the S4, the SW7, and recently a GP40. The paint schemes are Orange and grey, blue and white, and as old as black and white. Here is the F&L Railroad map.

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