Chicago, Baltimore, and Bangor Railroad

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Chicago, Baltimore, and Bangor Railroad

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The Chicago, Baltimore & Bangor Railroad (Reporting Marks CB&B) Is a fallen flag class 1 railroad that was known for its busy intermodal trains, from Baltimore, MD to the big windy city of Chicago, IL. The Bangor section of the railroad has loads of boxcar traffic for the lumber and paper industries and customers. With its creation in 1957, the railroad started with 10 GP7s and then by the late '50s, 20 GP9s. The Geep 7s were numbered from 2000 to 2010 and then the Geep 9s were numbered from 100 to 120. By the 1970s, SD40-2s replaced the Geeps while one GP7 numbered 2004 and GP9 numbered 116 were saved and repainted to the Bicentennial Paint scheme in 1976. The GP7 was numbered to 1776, and the GP9 was numbered as 1976. These two locomotives were often in a pair and consisted on special to high priority trains. The SD40-2s were numbered in the 3000 series*. The CB&B purchased 2,000 SD40-2s numbered 3000 to 5000. By 1982 a railroad strike caused two sabotages on the CB&B. One in a tunnel and one on a railroad bridge. The strike was caused by an underpaid workforce group in the MOW Department when they were only getting 245.92 per week, but when they were getting trained at the worksite, their instructor/president of the Railroad told the trainees they are getting paid 430.33 per week. The boss in the MOW Department Fernswell Gonesly was fired the day after the strike was compromised. Besides of the '82 strike, The railroad lived a good life and was merged by the giant MOXX Railway in June of 2008. The paint scheme for the railroad was similar to the Erie Lakawanna Railroad. Today, the mainline is currently still in MOXX Railway hands but unfortunately, all of the branches in Maryland, and Illinois are all gone, but the ones in Maine still survive.

* I don't do number series really well, I do apologize if I do it incorrectly.

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