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Indiana Transit Authority

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The Indiana Transit Authority (ITAX) is a fictional passenger railroad that operates entirely within the state of Indiana. It began operations on August 11th, 2016. It currently rosters 8 of each F40PH and F59PH locomotives. These have been rebuilt by National Railway Equipment to Dash 3 standards, and have had their prime movers replaced with newer units (16-645F3Bs for F40PHs and 12-710G3B-T2s for F59PHs).

Locomotive Roster:
101-107 (F40PH-3) - ex-Amtrak, rebuilt by NRE in 2016 for ITAX
108-116 (F59PH-3) - ex-GO Transit, rebuilt by NRE in 2016 for ITAX

For each train, there is a consist of two locomotives, one up front pulling the train, and one placed on the rear. Here is an example of how this operation works:

Train 1 runs with F40PH-3 101 up front and F40PH-3 105 on the rear. Once the train reaches Indianapolis, the consist moves the other direction when it heads back to Gary. So, 105 will lead Train #2, whereas 101 will be on the rear.

1 - Gary - Indianapolis (Stops in Lafayette)
2 - Indianapolis - Gary (Stops in Lafayette)
3 - Angola - Indianapolis (Stops in Fort Wayne, Marion, and Anderson)
4 - Indianapolis - Angola (Stops in Fort Wayne, Marion, and Anderson)
5 - South Bend - Indianapolis (Stops in Elkhart, Warsaw, and Kokomo)
6 - Indianapolis - South Bend (Stops in Elkhart, Warsaw, and Kokomo)
7 - Indianapolis - Evansville (Stops in Bloomington)
8 - Evansville - Indianapolis (Stops in Bloomington)
9 - Indianapolis - New Albany (Stops in Columbus)
10 - New Albany - Indianapolis (Stops in Columbus)
11 - Indianapolis - Terre Haute
12 - Terre Haute - Indianapolis
13 - Richmond - Indianapolis (Stops in New Castle)
14 - Indianapolis - Richmond (Stops in New Castle)
15 - Gary - Fort Wayne (Stops in Valparaiso and Warsaw)
16 - Fort Wayne - Gary (Stops in Valparaiso and Warsaw)
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