Re-cropping Picture

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Re-cropping Picture

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Re: Re-cropping Picture

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Looks like you cut-off that switch stand at right...not saying that's it, but...
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Re: Re-cropping Picture

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I'm guessing... but if I had shot this one, I would have continued on with the ladder track in the foreground that leads to the left... There is stuff 'cropped out of the shot' that I would like to include. That ladder track draws the eye to the left and the picture is cut off on the left.

The rejection notice of 'cropping' is not very helpful, is it.


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Re: Re-cropping Picture

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Crop it tighter. The three thoroughbred logos and the frog in the foreground make a strong area in the image. To the sides though the white tank car on the left pulls the eye to the edge of the frame and the blank space on the right from the trash can up through the pines pulls the eye to the right due to it's size. There is not really anything in either spot to see but they compete with the locomotives. Crop it on the left with maybe half the hopper showing (don't cut the lettering in half) and on the right just as close to the trash can as you can but get rid of the trash can. The eye stays with the locomotives now looking to them and to the foreground where each of them will pass the camera when it leaves. I'd leave some sky above the poles and the cell tower to keep them from forming a frame. Maybe brighten the shadows up a bit too.

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