The Value of Flickr

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The Value of Flickr

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OK, many of you know I am a pretty big proponent of Flickr. I think it is the bees knees and an amazing tool. Anyway a while back I was contacted by a company in Oregon on Flickr by a company that does restaurant furniture and furnishings. They wanted to use my photo in the newly remodeled North Side McDonalds here in Defiance, compensating me of course. I got my checkand happy, happy, happy I was. Then I went in while they were putting images up, and was told they were only doing half the store with them and they would not use my photo even though they really liked it.

Well driving by on the Main Drag through town tonight I looked over and there this was! About least 5 by 15 or so! Right in the middle of the store, etched on a divider, visible from both sides, right in the middle of the dining room the most prominent image in there! I am so proud of it!

McDonalds by Brent Kneebush, on Flickr

The picture does not do it justice.

And here is the original image.

MAW 16 Bridge by Brent Kneebush, on Flickr

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Re: The Value of Flickr

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Congratulations Brent. Looks great. I hope to be able to visit that location in future and see it in person.
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Re: The Value of Flickr

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Nice. Guess I'll have to add Brent's McDonald's etching to my list of things to see in NW Ohio...

~ Charles W.

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