Huron & Eastern Job information on the wiki

Locomotive identification, railfan locations, frequency information, etc. can be found here.
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Huron & Eastern Job information on the wiki

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Not all the Huron & Eastern job information on the wiki is correct it needs updated

800 BV-Saginaw-BV/ Saginaw yard job

805 BV-Sebewaing turn job services local customers and Interchanges with 825 job

810 Vassar job switches customers

815 Vassar Extra usually deals with grain trains from Saginaw-Marlette/Brown city

820 Bad axe day job works Kinde, Ruth and Croswell side

825 Bad axe night job Runs Bad axe-Sebewaing interchanges with 805

702/701 Durand Turn

703/704 midland turn

740 Bay city- Saginaw Local turn

745 Extra is Ran at random and in random Locations

765 Durand yard Night Job

767 Durand yard Day job

770 extra though it hasn’t been used in awhile.

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Re: Huron & Eastern Job information on the wiki

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Thank you for the up-to-date information. If you would like to add any more details, we'll make sure it is entered. For example:
- Does 740 work daily? 3x per week?
- Does 800 or 805 interchange with 810?
- Does 820 work daily? 3x per week?
- Does 825 work daily? 3x per week?
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