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@ Andy24 « Wed 10:51:59 pm »
I’m glad some of y’all got it during thanksgiving
@ Andy24 « Wed 10:50:08 pm »
J T wrote: Image
I am aware we just had a UP on m326. I wasn’t there to record it 😕
@ SD80MAC « Wed 9:32:02 pm »
Look, 2 UPs on the Plymouth sub that went down the GR sub later that day
@ SD80MAC « Wed 9:31:40 pm »
@ J T « Wed 9:25:39 pm »
@ J T « Wed 9:25:36 pm »
Andy24 wrote: I meant like myself recording a UP engine running on Grand Rapids Sub
I even had to work on Friday and I still caught this...
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:01:10 pm »
wah wah wah
@ ~Z~ « Wed 8:15:57 pm »
mid dpu and still stalled.. that’s sad. Another reason cp isn't buying the grand rapids sub: saugatuck hill
@ Tom49801 « Wed 7:43:35 pm »
He has 138 cars & a mid DPU
@ Tom49801 « Wed 7:42:45 pm »
Saugatuck Hill has claimed M326 as another Stall Out Victim
@ GR H & C « Wed 6:28:04 pm »
Andy24 UP #7137 was in GR on November 25th
@ Andy24 « Wed 6:11:02 pm »
I meant like myself recording a UP engine running on Grand Rapids Sub
@ GR H & C « Wed 4:54:16 pm »
J T wrote: What do you mean you haven’t seen a UP on the GR sub near Grand Rapids?
show him the picture you took last week of UP engine #7137 show him.
@ J T « Wed 4:12:54 pm »
What do you mean you haven’t seen a UP on the GR sub near Grand Rapids?
@ Andy24 « Wed 4:01:17 pm »
Hmm okay on CP update. I haven’t seen a CP, UP, NS, CN, or BNSF on the Grand Rapids Sub near Grand Rapids
@ Jetlink « Wed 3:02:40 pm »
Turns any webpage into text as it would be spoken by the Swedish chef.
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:59:57 pm »
Reminds me of the Bork text Firefox extension
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:59:41 pm »
"Fluffy White Death"
@ Jetlink « Wed 2:59:24 pm »
Little bit of "Fluffy White Death" here. Just flurries.
@ Talk « Wed 12:35:38 pm »
"Fluffy White Death" is a fallin'
@ ~Z~ « Wed 9:53:31 am »
it’s still november. "Fluffy White Death" is falling sideways currently in this 20+ mph wind.
@ Jetlink « Wed 9:52:09 am »
Position superiority.com
@ Talk « Wed 7:38:22 am »
#2 Beta Male (The One & Only)
@ Jetlink « Wed 12:03:49 am »
except for the times you are not
@ Jeff L « Wed 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male (there’s only one)
@ ~Z~ « Tue 9:30:06 pm »
Dime solo on Anthrax Riding Shotgun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Be50_EKS6H0&t=2m30s
@ ~Z~ « Tue 9:28:00 pm »
charlie playing with them does have some existing chemistry with Phil and Rex though. Charlie’s the drummer for Anthrax, and the two bands have been friends for ages. Dime and Phil both played on some of Anthrax’s albums.
@ SD80MAC « Tue 8:23:41 pm »
Panteras are neat cars but I don’t think I’d want to own one
@ Chip « Tue 6:13:29 pm »
I don’t care what anyone says, “Pantera” without Dime or Vinny isn’t Pantera. Charlie and Zakk are great in their own right and I’m sure they’ll do a great job but the chemistry is just not the same.
@ Jetlink « Tue 4:52:24 pm »
Andy, there is no update. There are just people stirring up the pot. It has been going on for over 10 years. It is not likely to happen. Not impossible; but not likely. Research the numerous threads and use your own judgement to filter for the intelligent responses.
@ ~Z~ « Tue 4:02:11 pm »
woot woot vehicle has scooted by the house.
@ ~Z~ « Tue 2:59:22 pm »
no GDLK by the home yet, some pretty decent afternoon sunlight at the moment.
@ Andy24 « Tue 2:50:46 pm »
@ Talk « Tue 2:24:32 pm »
#2 Afternoon
@ ~Z~ « Tue 2:15:31 pm »
Saw pantera and white zombie in muskegon at LC walker arena back in the 90’s. Always on the floor as close as I could get to the stage. Was at a godsmack/sevendust concert in Kzoo at Wings stadium. People were ripping up the plywood that was covering the ice, and then they’d crowdsurf on that. Made the floor pretty slick where the plywood was missing :)
@ ~Z~ « Tue 2:06:03 pm »
easy enough for folk living close to detroit, but out of towners, i guess we get to travel back and forth to home, wait another night, and come back. Just odd. Dunno if i’ll go though. i just don’t see myself sitting in a seat up in the stands for those bands. It’s just not what you do at a pantera concert. Sitting in a seat during this would be wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDACorIaxNw
@ Chip « Tue 1:55:17 pm »
Jetlink wrote: err odd concert-ticket arrangement.
I think it’s awesome. It’s just too bad I couldn’t care less about Pantera or FFDP.
@ Andy24 « Tue 12:53:54 pm »
what is the update for CP buying the Plymouth sub?
@ Jetlink « Tue 12:24:06 pm »
ugg. Bid a call-out on reserve line for December to get the Holiday days off that I wanted. Second guessing my decision a little bit.
@ Jetlink « Tue 12:23:04 pm »
err odd concert-ticket arrangement.
@ Jetlink « Tue 12:22:51 pm »
That is an odd concert
@ Chip « Tue 12:03:30 pm »
I’m still trying To go
@ ~Z~ « Tue 6:50:06 am »
it’s an odd concert, buy one ticket that’s good for Friday and Sunday night. Metallica playing two completely different sets of songs.
@ ~Z~ « Tue 6:48:59 am »
Metallica/ Pantera tickets go on sale this week for a show in Detroit. with the way ticketmaster is as of late, I bet $400+, even for crappy seats
@ ~Z~ « Tue 6:34:39 am »
try not living in the same state as your boss; it’s harder to get stuck watching their pet :)
That and just say no if you don't want to.
@ Jeff L « Tue 12:02:09 am »
stuck with dogsitting my boss’s dog for a week
@ Jeff L « Tue 12:00:01 am »
#1 Alpha Male
@ GTW Dude « Mon 11:45:10 pm »
i have cancelled my plans for this week ever since this event was announced
@ GTW Dude « Mon 11:44:48 pm »
Im so hyped for the Railfan Landon livestream.
@ ~Z~ « Mon 11:28:59 pm »
correct both Andy and jetlink. haven’t seen GDLK yet, and that word is forbidden until December
@ Andy24 « Mon 10:45:05 pm »
Grand Elk has not returned south yet
@ Jetlink « Mon 9:41:54 pm »
"Fluffy White Death"
@ LansingRailFan « Mon 7:22:54 pm »
Penny Smart Eggs are $2.89
@ onjfan « Mon 6:28:56 pm »
has started a new topic: CP Christmas train
@ Andy24 « Mon 4:07:12 pm »
i might fill out his survey
@ Andy24 « Mon 4:06:23 pm »
"Dedicated_railfan123" is a friend of Landon’s
@ ~Z~ « Mon 3:33:01 pm »
i filled out his survey - said all of my train information only comes from railroadfan.com :)
@ ~Z~ « Mon 3:32:43 pm »
and now we only have to wait three days for the livestream! I’m going to set myself a phone reminder, want to check it out this time
@ J T « Mon 1:26:13 pm »
He’s been waiting three months for that text. haha
@ ~Z~ « Mon 1:04:29 pm »
said he got a text from landon, so must be a buddy of his.

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