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I find it quite odd/interesting. But they are only 8th graders.
@ Jetlink « Sat 10:50:48 pm »
They claim that they are boyfriend/girlfriend. But rarely even speak to each other when they are around each other. Their whole relationship seems to be on email. But he has invited her to several events with his family. His parents also confirm they almost never speak.
@ Jetlink « Sat 10:48:43 pm »
Caught a couple of footbal games today. Went to my nephews and my daughter’s "boyfriend’s" game.
@ David Collins « Sat 9:22:29 pm »
and two game train units were on this train
@ David Collins « Sat 9:22:22 pm »
@ AARR « Sat 6:29:18 pm »
When humidity is high it’s more difficult for me to breath and I tire quicker. This morning despite the rain my breathing was fluid and I maintained an above average pace the entire time.
@ Chip « Sat 5:49:31 pm »
Brewed my Christmas beer today. I’m hoping it will be ready by thanksgiving but that’s cutting it a bit close
@ ~Z~ « Sat 1:51:50 pm »
that’s true doktor, missed that part.. yes, one would think high humidity
@ Doktor No « Sat 1:29:33 pm »
Low humidity and raining? Interesting....to say the least.
@ ~Z~ « Sat 11:12:37 am »
nephew’s game was right after hers so watched that as well and walked a mile home
@ ~Z~ « Sat 11:11:44 am »
daughter’s final soccer game of the year done. cold and windy but dry.
@ ~Z~ « Sat 11:11:22 am »
light rain and cold doesn’t sound excellent for jogging
@ AARR « Sat 8:20:45 am »
I don’t mind my shoes/socks getting wet from the light rain but it’s annoying stepping in deep cold water and then jogging with a soaker.
@ AARR « Sat 8:19:34 am »
The biggest obstacle is avoiding the deeper puddles between my house and the MOT trail (about .65 miles)
@ AARR « Sat 8:18:33 am »
It was a great morning for jogging. Cool air, low humidity, and a light rain.
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@ Chip « Fri 8:23:07 pm »
Whatever works for you my friend. We want to have as low of a profile as we can and be as self reliant as we can.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 7:43:20 pm »
right, doesn’t mean you can’t drive your kids to play with others. it’s nice that I don’t need to leave my home to let the kids play with others.
@ ConrailDetr​oit « Fri 7:41:41 pm »
Being on the water by the railroad is the best. White water raft on the new river in West Virginia has tracks on both sides of the river. I was distracted by the CSX coal train while going through rapids.
@ Chip « Fri 5:16:40 pm »
~Z~ wrote: and you can disagree with kids hanging with other kids I guess.
That doesn’t mean we can’t take the kids to play with other kids
@ SD80MAC « Fri 3:13:58 pm »
I have also swam with and ridden on dolphins, pretty neat experience
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@ J T « Fri 1:33:44 pm »
~Z~ wrote: several acres does sound nice. is pretty nice though living in a neighborhood with lots of kids for the kiddos to hang with.
Agreed. I grew up with both options though. Lots of kids in our suburban neighborhood was a great experience (with many happy memories), but also part time in the country with just my siblings. I swam in my neighbor’s pool in the suburbs, and in Lake Michigan & Goshorn Lake (Saugatuck) in the country. I can’t say one experience was better than the other because they both had their positives.
@ David Collins « Fri 1:32:44 pm »
AARR wrote: Haven’t swam with a whale yet. Hope to get the opportunity someday.
I’ve swam with dolphins! don’t judge me
@ DaveO « Fri 12:55:04 pm »
I’d rather swim in a river. Would go out to Island Lake State Rec and swim in the Huron River. But no more because with the advance of civilization on the west side, the river is now a not so pleasant silty swim.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 12:36:54 pm »
oh, you didn’t stir up anything, AARR did :) i’d rather kayak on a lake than swim in a pool.
@ AARR « Fri 11:38:01 am »
Mrs AARR snapped a picture of me swimming next to a manitee and it was the size of a small car.
@ AARR « Fri 11:25:36 am »
Haven’t swam with a whale yet. Hope to get the opportunity someday.
@ AARR « Fri 11:24:40 am »
I love snorkeling in ponds, swamps, etc. There is such a wide variety of animals. I’ve snorkeled around alligators, barracuda, manitees (they’re fricken massive), sharks, etc.
@ SD80MAC « Fri 11:16:18 am »
I’d rather swim in a pool than a lake, personally
@ Raildudes dad « Fri 10:41:00 am »
I didn’t mean to stir up anyhting. I ASSumed younger kids might be involved. Still having the pool out back is probably preferred to going to the association access point on Alles Dr.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:08:35 am »
i’ve let my kids swim in the lake without me watching over as long as there’s others with them.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:08:06 am »
when did i say swimming in a lake without an adult is irresponsible? neighbor’s "kids" are in high school and college. It’s always best to have a swimming buddy at least, never a good idea to swim alone.
@ AARR « Fri 10:07:25 am »
@ AARR « Fri 10:06:27 am »
Add swimming in a pond/lake unsupervised to my list of things I did as a kid that ~Z~ thinks is irresponsible
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:01:49 am »
we planted two trees in the spring along that side of the property - i think I’ll add more.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 10:01:09 am »
oh sure, i’m sure the pool is better for them. I’m a nimby today..while it’s technically their yard, it’s still in my back yard view. 1st world probs, i know :)
@ Raildudes dad « Fri 9:33:53 am »
It’s much easier to have a barley pop pool side than at the lake access point on Alles Dr. I prefer to keep an eye on kids in a pool rather than in a lake.
@ ~Z~ « Fri 8:37:30 am »
and you can disagree with kids hanging with other kids I guess.
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~Z~ wrote: several acres does sound nice. is pretty nice though living in a neighborhood with lots of kids for the kiddos to hang with.
I strongly disagree.
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@ ~Z~ « Thu 9:53:21 pm »
got about an hour of biking in tonight
@ ~Z~ « Thu 9:53:05 pm »
several acres does sound nice. is pretty nice though living in a neighborhood with lots of kids for the kiddos to hang with.
@ Chip « Thu 7:44:51 pm »
That’s exactly why when I move there will be several acres between me and my closest neighbor.
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@ trnwatcher « Thu 4:43:52 pm »
we’ve got a pond and a pool.....the ponds good for you.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 3:01:18 pm »
only slight positive is I can see the GDLK ROW a little better through their property.
@ ~Z~ « Thu 2:58:30 pm »
bah, neighbors started clearing out most of their trees in their backyard. putting in a pool :( there’s a lake across the street they can swim in, but appears that's not good enough.
those trees provided good shade, and now there will be a fence between our yards.
@ David Collins « Thu 10:15:13 am »
it was a true foamfest at opdyke last night waiting on the BG car on 352
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@ ~Z~ « Thu 8:15:46 am »
i took a nap instead, so no bikey :)
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