Goshen Planning Quiet Zone

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Goshen Planning Quiet Zone

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Plans for Ninth Street quiet zone picking up steam

https://www.goshennews.com/news/plans-f ... 89e64.html

In order to establish a quiet zone along the Ninth Street corridor, each of the various crossings from Lincoln Avenue south to C.R. 40 must be improved so that with the quiet zone, the safety index is less than or equal to the nationwide safety index, meaning it is as safe or safer without the horns as it is with the horns, Biek explained.
However, she did note the city has been fortunate to be able to get many of the corridor’s already completed improvements paid for either in whole or in part by outside sources, thus saving the city considerable cost.
Speaking to what has yet to be completed when it comes to the quiet zone’s preparation, Biek noted that a big part of this year’s work will include installing channelization and pedestrian mazes at a number of the corridor’s crossings.
“We have a grant with INDOT to add gates to Madison. That’s a 90/10 grant, so the city will pay 10% of that,” Biek said. “Right now the railroad is just starting the design on that. We’ll have a meeting with them on-site this month or next month, and they’ll start the design of that, and then they’ll contract the work. So, the work is dependent on the railroad, but we will try and move things along as quickly as possible.”

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