Wyoming Yard layout map?

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Wyoming Yard layout map?

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Does anyone have a map of the Wyoming yard track layout? I know you can just go on Google maps but I feel that there is a better version with track names, etc.
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Re: Wyoming Yard layout map?

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Page 5 of this PDF has a fairly detailed 1995 map.



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Re: Wyoming Yard layout map?

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A few things have changed since 1995 but its still a pretty accurate map.
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Re: Wyoming Yard layout map?

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I have a map of Wyoming Yard somewhere in my basement rolled up in a tube. I think it is from around 1972. It's about nine feet long so it would be pretty difficult to scan.

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Re: Wyoming Yard layout map?

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SD80MAC wrote:A few things have changed since 1995 but its still a pretty accurate map.
I had an edited version at one time showing what all had been removed, but darn it I must have accidentally deleted it. Hoping I have a paper copy back home. Or, now that Google Maps is pretty well up to date and very clear, I might just go ahead and re-create it.

Anyway, most of the changes are to the Support Yard and the rest of the stuff turning north for the car shop, backshop, etc. Some of the industry tracks are cut-off at their west end, and then they removed a couple of the western bowl tracks to add a road awhile back, too. Also a Mouse track or two missing. Plus all of the signals need updating on there.

Nomenclature is current, however. Nothing has changed in that department.
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Re: Wyoming Yard layout map?

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There a couple other differences from the map and current condition that I've noticed. The map shows a small portion of the Reeds Lake Branch still in place. That was removed in the late 1990's or so.

The City Market Branch, which leaves the yard near Judd St is also changed slightly.

There was a track that went north off the line towards C. Dykstra and Son (now Top distributing). That has been removed, but you can see where it used to cross the road near the building.

The tracks that went to Van E. Erden and Co. and J.A. Besteman Co have been removed or at least cut back at the Branch.

The only two remaining customers on that line appear to be Columbian Logistics and Michigan Natural Storage.

I don't know how often those gets service anymore. I only saw service on the branch once in my time living In Allendale and going down to Judd St.

The Acme lead has also undergone some changes since the maps was created.

the little spur lists as Old Spur, south of Chicago Dr, is no longer present.

The track that used to go to PCA is removed, as is the long spur that ran opposite the PCA spur on the lead.

The tail track still extends to Burlingame, but the track to then Bell Fibre Products is removed at the fence.

The tracks into the Reynolds Aluminum plant are still largely present, but don't extend to Porter St as they once did. One of the sidings and one short spur track have been cut from the lead. It also appears the line closest to Beverly, which entered the building then exited then reentered, has been cut back so it only enters the building.

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