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Detroitline derailment !!!

Unread postPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:26 pm
by M.D.Bentley
Over night Conrail had a Derailment just south of the Conrail bridge. A night transfer job from Livernois yard put 6 loaded cars on the ground pulling into River Rouge yard. Putting both mains out of service and causing CN trains to run the old way via the NS bridge ( which they longer have a right to, not sure how that went :-) ) 2 of the 6 cars were cars loaded with anti freeze, a couple of scrap cars and a hopper loaded with flour. Recover services showed up early,but it decided to wait for additional side winders for a total of 4 to right the tank cars that were on their sides. NS W8 E was parked at "YD" for most of the day, because most of their cars were for Conrail's Livernois. They had 2 brand spankin new engines, the UP 4694 and the CN 3139 w/ the First Nation logo trailing.