Indiana RR Bloomington operating info?

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Indiana RR Bloomington operating info?

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Hello, I'll be visiting Bloomington on 9/14 for the Ohio State game at Noon, does anyone know the current operating pattern for the SAHW & HWSA trains in the area?

I believe its been the SAHW leaves Indianapolis in the AM, comes thru Bloomington in the afternoon, meets the HWSA at Switz City late afternoon, then the trains swap crews and continue on and the HWSA comes through Bloomington after dark? Also in the past, seems like they ran a later schedule on weekends if they ran where both trains leave later in the day?

I think there used to be a local also that works Bloomington, but I'm guessing it's unlikely it works on the weekends?

My plan is hopefully leave after the game around 4pm, head west on the line, and maybe find both trains, thanks in advance for any info!

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Re: Indiana RR Bloomington operating info?

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Well I’m a little late to help you for 9/14. But for future reference...

SAHW goes on duty in Indianapolis at 1400 Sunday-Friday. Usually leaves between 1430-1500.
HWSA goes on duty around 1500 (?) in Jasonville, leaving between 1530-1600. They meet SAHW and swap fees arbitration Switz City. HWSA is also Sunday-Friday.

There is a Friday only then operating from Jasonville to Bloomington and back. Main customer in Berry Plastics. There are also overnight ROCK trains between Merom and Rogers Stone Quarry but those are seasonal and sporadic I think.

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