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Re: Great Lakes Central Updates July 2017

Unread postby AARR » Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:33 am

Thanks csx801. At an annualy AARRT&HA meeting Chris the guest speaker from GLC said when traffic is heavy they have a capacity challenge so you could be correct.
csx801 wrote:
AARR wrote:From AANR's video the 21 tie gons didn't go to Cadillac like they normally do. They left them somewhere else. The customer is in McBain but it's a southbound switch and there's no passing in siding to run around the cars that I know of. I wonder if they separated the engines and pushed them in the customers spur :?

They leave cuts of tie loads around periodically. I've seen them leave loads in mount pleasant for short times. Maybe this is what happened today?
I never figured out why they do it. I always assumed McBain or Cadillac was too full to receive them, so they drop them on an available siding until Mcbain was ready for them.

On a side note, that cut had a clinchfield hopper hiding in it.
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