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Most viewed - CN Durand
UP 8518199 viewsUP power on a CN in Durand, what a shocker! This is an unknown eastbound early in the morning setting out 6 and picking up 1.trainjunkie47
CN Ugly Duckings at Durand187 viewsTwo of those god awful ugly CN grey units back into a very crowded yard to make a set out and a pickup before heading toward Lansing. 10/17/07trainjunkie47
SOO 6047 Durand light167 viewsSOO 6047 backs up on the high wye to the yard to get a cut of cars. 08/29/08trainjunkie47
BNSF 4537 DUS full length163 viewsBNSF 4537 leads a cut of 9 cars out of the yard in Durand. 12/01/07trainjunkie47
UP 9090 CN 391163 viewsUP 9090 is on the point of CN train 391 at Durand.trainjunkie47
CN 2511 Sheridan158 viewsCN 2511 is leading a highball east on the Flint Sub nearing Sheridan Road, just east of Durand. Notice the frost on the tank cars. Shot was taken at about 8am on 12/01/07.trainjunkie47
CN 5340 End Switch156 viewsCN 5340 heads across the diamonds at Durand after interchanging cars in the yard to the north. It will soon back out to the west to gather the rest of its train and head down the Holly Sub toward Pontiac. 09/27/07trainjunkie47
CN/NS/UP @ DUS153 viewsCN 2509 backs an NS and a UP unit into the yard at Durand. 10/03/08trainjunkie47
CN 2438 Durand151 viewsCN 2438 approaches the Flint Sub crossing at Main Street in Durand. 12/01/07trainjunkie47
GTW 4619 sundown at Durand.148 viewsGTW 4619 and GTW 4904 lead a cut of cars south across the diamonds at Durand an hour or so before sunset. 07/24/07trainjunkie47
CN 5340 Pitt W141 viewsCN 5340 slows as it rounds the curve near West Pittsburg Road just SW of Durand. There is a westbound on main 2. 09/27/07trainjunkie47
GTW 4630 DUS141 viewsGTW 4630 backs a cut of cars into the yard at Durand. 10/03/08trainjunkie47
GTW 4633 elevator130 viewsGTW 4633 idles at the south end of the Durand Yard. 07/24/07trainjunkie47
SOO 6047 Durand Runby130 viewsSOO 6047 comes charging through Durand. 08/29/08trainjunkie47
GTW 4616 Oak129 viewsGTW 4616 crosses Oak Street in Durand with a local bound for Flint. 08/29/08trainjunkie47
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